Price list for certified (sworn) translations and other translations as of the 31st January 2017

CERTIFIED TRANSLATIONS – 1 page of such translation equals 1,125 signs including spaces

Printed text Net PLN 30.90
with VAT PLN 38.00
Net PLN 38.00
with VAT PLN 46.74
Net PLN 36.00
with VAT PLN 44.28
Net PLN 40.00
with VAT PLN 49.20
24 h rush, printed text* Net PLN 44.00
with VAT PLN 54.12
Net PLN 49.00
with VAT PLN 60.27
Net PLN 48.00
with VAT PLN 59.04
Net PLN 55.00
with VAT PLN 67.65
Additional certified copy Net PLN 10.00
with VAT PLN 12.30
Net PLN 10.00
with VAT PLN 12.30
Net PLN 10.00
with VAT PLN 12.30
Net PLN 10.00
with VAT PLN 12.30
Verification and certification Net PLN 15.45
with VAT PLN 19.00
Net PLN 19.00
with VAT PLN 23.37
Net PLN 18.00
with VAT PLN 22.14
Net PLN 20.00
with VAT PLN 24.60

* no more than 8 pages/6 documents. EXTRA RUSH up to 4 h 100% (no more than 5 pages/4 documents)

For additional office services, e.g. preparing and sending scanned images of certified translations, there is an extra charge in the amount of gross PLN 1.23

Documents for translation can be delivered personally within business hours of the Office, sent via e-mail or by traditional mail. A certified translation is issued in one copy, on paper bearing the sworn translator’s official round seal stamp. Any additional copies are charged as per price list and treated as copies.

STANDARD WRITTEN TRANSLATIONS – 1 page of such translation equals 1,700 signs including spaces

From GERMAN, ENGLISH, FRENCH: net PLN 36.00 | with VAT PLN 44.28
From DUTCH: net PLN 42.00 | with VAT PLN 51.66
Into GERMAN, ENGLISH, FRENCH: net PLN 38.00 | with VAT PLN 46.74
Into DUTCH: net PLN 49.00 | with VAT PLN 60.27

INTERPRETATION – a minimum of 1 hour, each order quoted individually

GERMAN, ENGLISH, FRENCH: 1st hour = PLN 170.00 – next hours: PLN 90.00 + 23% VAT per hour
DUTCH: 1st hour = PLN 200.00 – next hours: PLN 100.00 + 23% VAT per hour

Simultaneous and consecutive translation services are quoted individually.


Please note:

  • 50% added to the 24 H RUSH price (1 business day) – a maximum of 8 pages/6 documents to translate
  • 100% added to the EXTRA RUSH price (same day delivery) – a maximum of 5 pages to translate
  • An extra fee of 25% is charged for preserving non-standard layouts of documents and for translating handwritten texts
  • Technical and difficult texts are quoted individually.
  • Consecutive and simultaneous translation services are quoted individually on a case-specific basis, with the Customer providing the subject matter(s) to be interpreted. One instance of interpretation service cannot exceed 4 hours. The interpreter’s preparation and consulting are considered as 1 hour of interpretation.
  • The mode and deadline for specialist translations are agreed upon on a case-specific basis.
  • The delivery/shipping fees of translations are paid by the Customer.
  • A translation ordered on Friday to be delivered on Monday is considered a 24 h rush and incurs an additional charge of 50%.